Commercial Cleaning

A clean office, storefront, or industrial work space can leave a positive impression on any outside visitor. Not to mention the amount of stress relief that goes along with working in a tidy, well ordered area. Thanks to our unique cleaning system, we can ensure your commercial cleaning service handles every single aspect of the job. The Detail-Clean Rotation System used at Buckets Cleaning Co ensures that nothing gets missed when our staff comes to clean your commercial space. In over five million cleans, we have hand numerous clients tell us how much our cleaning service stands out in a positive way compared to others. By contacting us today, you can enlist out friendly and dedicated staff to provide your commercial property with a thorough cleaning like no other!

How does our commercial cleaning program work?

Once we have assessed the particular areas of your commercial property that need extra attention, we will begin by performing a complete, thorough clean, followed by extra cleaning in the trouble areas. Typically we focus our first clean on kitchens and bathrooms. On our second clean, we will turn our attention to any common areas or offices that need a detail-clean service. This way, messes don’t have a chance to build up in any area of your commercial space.

Every time we clean, we’ll provide services that include the following:

  • BathroomsDust and cobwebs removed, floors cleaned and scrubbed, toilets, sinks counter tops scrubbed and disinfected, mirrors and metal fixtures wiped clean.
  • Work Areas/OfficesHand wiped solid surfaces, floors cleaned/vacuumed, general dusting and cobweb removal, doors and door frames for each office spot cleaned as well as glass dividers or office walls.
  • Common AreasHand wiped solid surfaces, floors cleaned/vacuumed, general dusting and cobweb removal, doors and door frames spot cleaned, tables and small appliance surfaces wiped clean.
  • Kitchen/Break RoomsCounter tops and exterior cabinets wiped clean, metal sinks and fixtures wiped clean, general dusting and cobweb removal, appliance surfaces wiped clean, microwave interior/exterior cleaned, doors and door frames spot cleaned.
  • Trash RemovalTake advantage of Buckets Cleaning Co’s waste valet service to keep your commercial property’s waste buildup to an absolute minimum.

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